The reasoning of my travelling

As an 18 year old girl ignoring the stereotypical  British educational system of high school, college and following through to university,many people were questioning my path of choice.

‘Who are you going with?’


‘Really?! Aren’t you scared to travel alone?!’

…no,not really.

I outspoke my reasoning of why I’m breaking ‘the cycle of the education’ to many customers of my workplace, family and friends. They questioned me on a daily, the ever repeating conversations began to feel as though it was all a transcript.

I’ve never been a girl who enjoys learning in classrooms. Maybe because of my upbringing of an outgoing family of 3 elder brothers or the years spent with the fire cadets. I Found school difficult at times, language wasn’t my subject of choice ; so please excuse any mistakes. I preferred drama and core PE. Ok,yes, core PE probably because of the freedom of no classrooms. But, furthermore, I suceeded the stressful months of exams,went and began a BTECH course. May I add, that this educational choice was frowned apon by my middle-class peers at school. I studied public services for a year in the luxurious Crewe town, the excitement proceeded into despite as I realised I was surrounded by unorganised and  immature teachers and ‘classmates’. Yes, really were these people seriously interested in entering the public services?

Nevertheless, I completed the year and began working for the local school uniform and agricultural shop.

Summer was stupidity chaotic, with school uniforms being sold every minute and the mournful news of a staff member passing away in the busiest month of the Summer. My reasons of leaving college became more apparent. I applied for a new job opening in the fire service which never took place and opposed the question of ‘am I going to be stuck in this old shop forever?’.

September soon fled and I hit my 18th birthday and each day reminded me off the loss of my great friend. October 24th 2016 marked one year of my volunteered trip to the Nepalese Himalayas to help finish of school project which myself and a small group of Cheshire fire cadets and leaders were involved in. We worked beside the amazing charity . I was determined to begin another expedition to see the elegance of natural scenery in a different country.

I began searching online for trekking groups and companies, Spain was a key country which was highlighted and popped up a lot in my research. Therefore, I decided to book a one way flight from Manchester to Malaga airport on February 17th 2017. However,hours of exploring on the internet  made me think about the cost. Maybe it’s cheaper to explore myself? So my plans changed, money began saving and my excitement kept racing towards the flight date. Thanks to many successful YouTubers tips of Solotravelling and family and friends giving me their input this dream slowly turned into reality.

And there I was, Manchester airport terminal 2, at 6AM. Checked in with my 9.4kg carry on bag with no idea on how long I would be using these belongings for. Waved goodbye to the country which I only stepped foot out of 3 times before this day (Dublin,Nepal and the Canary Islands) . So, I  began the trip with my eyes wide open, full of independence and courage.

Thank you for reading my first blog post and be sure to keep a look out for my next post.

Lydia X