My must have apps for travel

TWe are all glued to our phones, apps can now do crazy things we never believed could happen! Make the most of your phone bill whilst on holiday. I am on Vodafone and the roaming abroad fixes me up with unlimited calls, texts and 2gb of data! 

So…here are my top 6 apps for travelling on the go! 

1. Work away. 

Work away is a great way of living in a different country whilst fulfilling language practice, the cultural and finding recommendations for free! Working under 5 simple hours per day gives you time to explore and enjoy the setting you are in! With so many various jobs from helping with a language, house chores, farm/eco projects you’re bound to find the perfect host for you. 

2. Hostel world 

Whilst solo-travelling, hostels are a great way of finding a cheap way of finding friends and activities to do. Cities, especially in Europe have hundreds of hostels to choose from. But which is the best for you? Through this simple and effective app it helps you pick out the perfect one for you. Whilst giving you the overall rating it also breaks into categories; security, location, cleanliness, atmosphere, facilities, staff and value for money. This gives you an overview without going through all the reviews, however, this still should be done before booking! 

3. Visit a city 

Visit a city is a idealistic app to help you with tourism attractions and which ones are best! Covering many cities you can download a city map. Via this app you can plan a 1-3 day trip, find activities to do, read reviews of the best sightseeing spots and tips for budgeting. Also it gives you a brief explanation of each site which you can either read or listen to. 

4. Google translate 

My old language teacher will hate this option I’m recommending! Google translate now has an app which is perfect for finding the correct word on the go, you can download your chosen language to translate without internet use. This is great for when you’re stuck at any given time when you’re not fluent in the counties language. You can also use the camera option, this is great for reading packaging or Menus as it translates right infront of your eyes! 

5. Couchsurfing 

Couchsurfing can be pretty nerve racking to a first time traveller such as myself, which I agree with! Therefore I don’t think I’d ever use the app for a nights stay. However, there is a ‘hangout’ page where you can meet up with travellers or locals near by! This is a great way of finding places to go when you’re wanting some company! 

6. BlaBlaCar 

Finishing off with a great app to help you to travel from A too B. The cost is cut down extremely compared to public transport as the fuel from the hosts car is shared between all passengers. The agony of so many hours travelling becomes much better with company. Simply search your starting point and destination and find a ride! 

I hope these 6 resources will help on your travels as well as mine. I use many of these on a daily! I think using your phone for information is much better than carrying round a book/leaflet as your less likely to be bombarded by rip-off tourist sales on the streets. 

  Again, I thank you for reading my post. I am thoroughly enjoying posting the information I have learnt whilst travelling and I hope you can pick up some extra tips! 

  Lydia x 


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